Randy Boy's Home-Personal Narrative

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Randy woke up early and put on his sweatpants. “Why can’t I ever sleep in?” Randy silently muttered to nobody in particular. The sun had not even come over the horizon yet and his alarm had already went off. He blinked the sleep from his eyes and sighed, “Here we go again.” Slapping a baseball cap on his head he slouched out of his bedroom door. Making his way down the stairs, Randy saw his father in the kitchen with a grin on his face. “Randy Boy! You’re not going to school today! WE WON THE LOTTO!” His father exclaimed “You bought a lotto ticket? You’ve always said it was a stupid person’s tax.” Randy said, confused by his father’s change in opinion. “Who cares! We won! Get your bags we’re going to Vegas!” He shouted back. Randy stopped his dad dead in his tracks, “Vegas? We need to go to Colorado because that’s where we should go.” For some reason, Randy thought Colorado would be a better place to go blow all your money than Vegas would be.…show more content…
But as they got in the car, his father had one more surprise for his sweatpants wearing, lotto winner questioning, Colorado loving son. He had entered his son into an MMA Ultra Tournament.
“I told you, Dad that part of my life is over, I have a family now!” Randy
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