Randy Pausch The Last Lecture Analysis

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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a cruelly happy book. Pausch had been recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, but he amazingly stays buoyant all while giving magnificent life advice through his experiences. Pausch was a father of three, a graduate from Carnegie Mellon, a professor at the University of Virginia, a Disney Imagineer, and a professor at Carnegie Mellon. All of his experience and terrific qualifications come together to form a complex book. He has the goal throughout the book to guide people with his advice.
As aforementioned Pausch provides advice from experience, but he loves to bring up his childhood dreams, “when I was eight years old, my family went on a cross-country trips to see Disneyland.” (51). Just “two
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Time is short, it is a relatively well known statement. But one does not truly understand this until they are crunched under time, like a timed essay, or more seriously, death. Pausch often mentions short time, “I had just months to live.” (4). He has a lot to get in order before it is time for him to leave, but he does not let that crush him. Pausch wants to give the big lecture that is called the last lecture. He is adamant about doing this because in the long run when his kids want to hear his voice and see his face they can watch that lecture even learn of his advice. But, overall, his goal is to get people to understand that one cannot let time suppress them, they have to keep moving and make the best of…show more content…
Reading about about man knowing of his death but still “living like I’m still living” (182). He appears very tranquil in the face of death, and one cannot help but listen to his advice. Because Pausch is a professor he feels trustworthy automatically especially because teachers and professors are seen as mentors. Pausch even mentions one of his professors as a mentor. Pausch is also very fatherly, even when he was not actually a dad he understood that kids would spill in his car, therefore he is very calm, thus people trust his advice. The way he write is a key factor to the book. He is so short and to the point that when he gives advice it sounds so simple that it makes one wonder how they never thought about that before. This type of writing is what makes his advice stick with the reader, it makes the book memorable.
The Last Lecture is a book that one will never forget. Pausch died in 2008 but this book is still making an impact on people’s lives. He writes about a deep and shocking subject but he is so calm about it that the reader is left in awe. After reading the book one thinks of him as a wise man and would love to meet him. He takes on the role of a professor, mentor, and father so that reader takes this advice with them throughout their life. Remember to live life to the fullest and do not “let go of the Tigger inside”
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