Rank Structure Essay

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The Importance of Rank Structure in the Marine Corps Rank structure is important to the Marine Corps because it form one of the fundamental backbones of military service. Many believe that with rank structure the Marine Corps or any other military organization could not function. This is has been proven fact over the centuries by the countless of mob armies that has arisen in history of the fall apart because they had no clear leadership. One of the ways that rank structure is important is that it is like a link of chains. This chain forms a link between the highest officer to the lowest of the enlisted. This chain allows for the anywhere in the chain of command for an order to be issued and it will go down the chain to the level…show more content…
This is also one of the most important reasons for the rank structure to have been created is that any time a commander can find out the condition of his troops. And this of course is something that every commander especially if the commander is going in to a wartime environment would like to know what strength he is has. Rank structure is vital to the Marine Corps or any military organization because rank structure is the basis of where all discipline in the ranks comes from. Without a rank structure know one would know who is in charge of who and everyone would start to trying to take charge in their own way cause confusion and disorder through the ranks. Also without rank structure, when rules or orders are broken in a military organization it is up to the superior of that person to discipline that person, no one would know who was supposed to merit the discipline or who is supposed to carry out the discipline thus cause more chaos and anarchy. Therefore in conclusion we see that without rank structure, military organization such as the Marine Corps could not function. Without rank structure the Marine Corps would be in disorder and disarray, because it would have no idea who was in charge and who was suppose to be the foot soldiers. Therefore maintaining proper rank structure is the responsibility of the highest ranking officer to the lowest ranking private in boot
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