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1.) Rank’s easy-to-use, analytical tool is called the intensify/downplay model, and its goal is to help you to become more critical and analytical receivers. It defines and gives examples of four major persuasive strategies and six associated tactics that are often used by persuaders today. (Larson, 2007 page 31) Ranks major strategy is to either intensify certain aspects of the product, cause or candidate. His other strategy is to downplay certain aspects of their brand, cause or candidate. (Larson, 2007 page 31) The intensification and downplay strategies include, to intensify their own good points, intensify the weak points of the opposition, downplay their own weak points, and downplay the good points of the opposition. The tactics…show more content…
Another example using Rank’s model is how the politicians use repetition to repeat their slogans over and over to the society so they can make themselves more noticeable and more aware of whom they are. 3. Kenneth Burke is known for the knowledge of human symbolic behavior. He was associated with many narrative theories. He focused on language as it is used to persuade people to an action, and defined persuasion as “the use of language as a symbolic means of inducing cooperation beings that by nature respond to symbols.” (Burke, 1970, Grammar, p. 43) This active cooperation is induced by what he called identification which is very similar to Aristotle’s “common ground” and our use of “co-creation” (Larson, 2007, p. 127) According to Burke, identification develops through the linguistic of sharing what he called sub-stances. He had divided the word into its prefix, sub meaning beneath and stances meaning places. Burke noted that these sub-stances or places emerge in the words we use to define things, persons and issues. Kenneth Burke uses common ground by physical things like for example branded clothing. According to Larson, Burke indicates that, “all words have emotional shading and reveal the feelings, attitudes, values, and judgment of the user. For example, he uses the word manipulate which can potentially carry a negative meaning by changing people’s minds.”

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