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OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS REPORT “AN EVALUATION OF THE BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF D.G. KHAN CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED (DGKCC) BETWEEN 1 JULY 2004 AND 30 JUNE 2007” (Word count: 6,498) Presented by: KAMRAN KHALID ACCA reg. # 1431751 September 2008 CONTENTS Page No. 1. Research Objectives and Overall Research Approach 1.1 – Topic Chosen and the Selected Organisation 1.2 – Project Objectives 1.3 – Research Questions 1.4 – Research Approach 2. Information gathering and business/accounting techniques 2.1 – Information Gathering 2.1.1 – Sources of Information and Methods used to Collect Information 2.1.2 – Limitations of Information Gathering 2.1.3 – Ethical Issues and their…show more content…
To analyse the competitive intensity of the industry and the company’s position using Porter’s five forces model. To provide a quality report interpreting the business and financial performance of DGKCC over the period under study. 1.3 – RESEARCH QUESTIONS After selection of the topic and the target organisation I jotted down the following research questions to further clarify my project objectives: What research approach I should adopt to meet the set objectives? What are the reliable sources of information? Are they easily accessible? Can I rely on the secondary data? Which areas do I need to concentrate if my research work exceeded the prescribed words count? What conclusions can be drawn from my analysis? Are there any ethical issues resulting from my research project? Do I need to refresh my technical skills reviewing my text books? What IT skills do I need for the preparation of my research project? What are the key elements I should present to my mentor? 1.4 – RESEARCH APPROACH After setting the project objectives and stating my research questions I adopted the following research approach: I set a time outline for my project, taking into consideration the collection of data, estimated time to be spent on my analysis, the next two meetings with my mentor, the final deadline for my project completion; and the anticipated hurdles. As I entered the implementation stage

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