Rap / Hip-Hop / Rap Music Is A Negative Effects On Children

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There should not be any censorship in music because it prevents the level of knowledge in children. Though some types of hip-hop/rap may encourage immorality, that is not an authentic description for the genre. Statics show that seventy-seven percent of Americans listen to rap music, teenagers also listen to music two and a half hours a day. The music that kids are listening to today is not always the best kind of music, the type of lyrics that are in these songs do not always send a great message. Which is why critics, families, friends, and teachers are still trying today to get music censored and or gotten rid of. Young children are extremely affected in many negative way because some of the songs today send a negative message. In today’s society multiple groups of different aged children make their decisions based off of what's popular, and right now music is popular specifically rap/ hip-hop. This can be proven a negative effect of rap/ hip-hop because, not all rap music and hip-hop music talk about good things. Though there are many negative effects of hip-hop/rap music, there are also positive effects included.Some artists talk about their childhood and what it was like to grow up in the areas that they grew up in. “As a result, they contend, rap music allows listeners to gain a greater understanding of the trials and tribulations experienced by a part of society that is often ignored by the nation’s mainstream media (“Hip-Hop Culture”). Rap/ hip-hop music has brought

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