Rap Hop And Hip Hop Culture

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Most hip hop songs and videos have lyrics and scenes that demean and humiliate women. Showing scenes of violence to women, demeaning them and depicting them as sex objects or subjects of submission to men is Misogyny. Present also is brutality against women descriptions. There have been voluminous scholars talking about it yet the argument is unquenched. Misogyny in hip hop society has its core deep in the American ethos, and it has its outcome on the same nation. Misogyny in songs is taking ring on young persons, and it is swiftly touching the young females in the black civilization. The effects of Misogyny in hip hop culture, losses weight with as the age of listener’s advances. Misogyny in hip hop culture is not something that is ending, yet it may fade with time. The chances of it fading are not certain but with the current trend, hip hop artists may realize it does not do much good as bad. This essay will discuss the power following Misogyny in hip hop culture, the outcomes it has on the audience and the future of Misogyny in hip hop. McFarland 2003 argues that the origin of Misogyny in music, not only in hip hop is the society and culture it has for so long endeared. Normally, people in America have valued the boy child, to endowing men as adults (McFarland, 102). At the same time, they have considered women as subjects to men who should show total submission. This argument has found many backups, with scholars and authors arguing that the American culture is the force
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