Rap Hop And The Hip Hop Essay

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The hip hop community has gone through a number of discussions on the worth and merit of mumble rap across well opinionated youtube videos, long winded podcasts, as well as the vicariously living through celebrities who mimic the style, technique and overall aesthetic of artists associated with the mumble rap genre. Let 's say, for the most part, the hip hop community has a problem with mumble rap. For the most part, it makes sense. Humans are prone to resist change, especially as overt as mumble rap has been as a definitive genre for the past few years. Many in the public sphere, like Youtube Personality B-Doe, have smeared it’s name and aesthetic with very little counter argument arisen or given the proper attention or discussion, especially if the defense is coming from the artists themselves or fans of that artist. It becomes a worrisome look for some long term hip hop enthusiasts because scholars have not brought up a defense for mumble rap. “Where are the scholars defending mumble rap? Why are they yet to defend mumble rap?” Simply put, they already have. Long before the formation of mumble rap, the hip hop genre’s style, technical analysis, lifestyle, and other aspects associated with hip hop, have included mumble rap in conjunction with other forms of hip hop. Scholars as well as pioneers of rap and hip hop have left open the birth of other forms of hip hop. Even if some enthusiasts claim that pioneers of hip hop would dismiss mumble rap, multiple interviews

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