Rap Impact On Rap Culture

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Within History, Rap has been considered the “CNN for black people”; what started as a way to express struggles in the ghettos of New York has transformed into one of the most popular genres of music in America. The popularity of rap has allowed many to have their voices heard, created new fashion trends, and even developed popular modern slang used by people throughout the world. The commercialization of rap has resulted in a significant following of the culture in America but also a large number of people who oppose the music. The culture of rap music has a substantial impact on popular culture in America, and by using an open mind and looking past the violence and language, people can better understand the meaning behind rap and the perception that follows it in America today. The foundation of rap started to evolve into a form of art, and it was intended for people to express their problems about growing up on the “streets.” Originating within the Bronx of New York City, it was used to share the struggles of growing up in violence, hardships, and as a minority in America. Companies began to capitalize on the growth of rap in the 90s through marketing techniques used to portray stereotypes of the culture associated with the genre. In her essay Selling to Children: The Marketing of Cool, Juliet B. Schor says “In the 1990s, ads aimed at white, middle-class Americans began to be filmed in inner-city neighborhoods with young black men as the stars” (220). Schor then goes
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