Rap Music And Its Effects On America

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Rap was originally created as a means of self-expression, while conveying present conditions within marginalized African American communities. Attaining global awareness in America, rap music emerged as one of the most controversial genres America has seen, influencing both white and black culture. Birthed in the mid- 1970’s rap music came to fruition in the Southern Bronx area of New York City. As rap culture began to emerge and grow in New York, rappers began to utilize their voice and voice their opinions. An array of topics were now being discussed from race to survival in America. With subject matter constantly evolving with each generation rap music took a drastic turn in the 90’s. This became an era in which the glorification of violence, smoking, and selling drugs was prominent with groups like N.W.A and Biggie Smalls. With the emergence of gangsta rap youth were now falling victim to lyrics and things they saw on TV. The rap culture has disembodied the values we teach the youth and has crippled them instilling them with violence and corruption. For many years now, people have tried to understand whether or not rap music poses a negative influence on the black community. An array of theories on why rap negatively affects African Americans directly correlate to many theories associated with criminological theory. Theories from social disorganization to differential association pose an explanation on why rap negatively affects black teens. The presences of…
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