Rap Music And Its Effects On Society

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“Whip it through the glass n***a…I’m blowin money fast n***a” these are the words of rapper O.T. Genasis, not to be mistaken for O.T. Genesis, no this is O.T. GenAsis and his awe inspiring lyrics featured in his hit single “Coco”. Rap wasn’t always this bad, back when Rap first started with a group by the name of Sugar Hill Gang and their hit single to begin the era “Rapper’s Delight” Rap was about peace, harmony and just hanging out at a party, but r=this precedent split into more violent distorted versions of the genre such as the more 1990s popular genre of “Gangsta Rap” or the more recent rap music that glorifies sexual themes, practices and criminal mischief. This violent rap music has been seen to have harmful and undesirable effects on the behavior of adolescents as seen in many academic journals and a couple of long term scientific experiments. Even though many have acknowledged these negative effects seen in rap music of this time, some have used rap music to relay more positive messages such as using rap music in church sermons or just releasing music without the crude themes of most rap music and using the same aspects of rap music used by Sugar Hill Gang, Slick Rick and others in the past. But some may disagree on the actual origin of rap music whether it started with Sugar Hill Gang or if it started before even that era. Some speculate that rap originated with the Sugar Hill Gang and the release of “Rappers Delight”. Some assume that Rap started with DJ Kool…

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