Rap Music And Its Effects On Society

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Who some call the call the godfather of rap, Eazy E, once said, “Who gave it that title, gangsta rap? It 's reality rap. It 's about what 's really going on.” There has been a great injustice done to the form of expression called rap. In essence rap is just lyrics over a basic beat or rhythm. Many members of society today assume that rap is a dangerous and violent influence, however what they seem to be ignorant of is the fact that rap music is actually beneficial. The majority of the world we live in today has unjustly classified rap as a barbaric form of music, unfit for any decent human to listen to, but the reality of the situation is, that people simply cannot accept the culture known as rap into society. Nowadays, rappers such as Kanye, Soulja Boi, and Wiz Khalifa are receiving much criticism about the way they portray their “hoodlum” lifestyle or the way they “encourage” violence through their music, when in actuality they are venting about the unfair circumstances society has forced them into. Listening to rap music and it’s positive vibes is in fact beneficial based on evidence which shows that consumption of rap music not only assists the listener in several ways, but also aids the rapper. The form of music that we know as rap is heavily influenced by earlier African American music forms. Modern day rap, originates from it’s previous form of gangsta rap. Gangsta rap is an extremely controversial form of music, even to this day, people argue about how “safe” it is…

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