Rap Music And Its Effects On The Lives Of Those Who Experience It

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Music plays a immense part in the lives of those who experience it. It has the power to influence behaviors and moods and even important decisions one makes in life. A device with that amount of power must have very meticulous monitoring. Choosing between more uplifting music and more degrading music can be difficult surprisingly, simply because a lot of adults like rap and music categories like that that contain a lot of degrading messages. Positive, uplifting music is a much better choice for overall well being than negatively influenced music.
Negatively influenced lyrics in music do nothing but influence activities that degrade one 's health. Pro-drug songs that influence and welcome the consumption of alcohol and drugs, like rap and pop, encourage people to indulge in those kinds of activities, because they portray those activities as acceptable and tolerable. Rap music is a very popular thing in today’s society, which means it has plenty of room to influence the consumption of drugs and alcohol. According to Tara Pope from the New York Times, “77 percent” of rap songs today “reference drugs or alcohol,” which is a substantial number of songs. Then when teens are listening to music an average of “16 hours a week,” one can bet that music definitely has to give those teens something. Pope also says that “music is a powerful social force that taps into an individual 's identity, memories, and mood.” If that’s the case, then music that glorifies the use of drugs and…

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