Rap Music And The Music Industry

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Rap music led to more black professionals in the music industry. Rap can be traced back to its

African roots. Before rap stories were told rhythmically over drums and instruments. This era was

known as the golden age of rap. Rap did and has changed the face of music for the better. Old school

flows were relatively basic and used only few syllables per bar. Simple rhythmic patterns, and basic

rhyming techniques and rhyme schemes. There are different variations of flow, such as the syncopated

bounce which was used by the bone thugs N harmony, straight forward which was used by 2pac and

ice cube, the Rubik 's cube which was used by common and kurrupt, and 2-5 flow used by camp mulla.

MC 's use many different rhyming methods including rhyme schemes, there is also widespread use of

multisymbalic rhymes used by big daddy Kane and Eminem. Gangsta rap has been protested and

contested by parents politicians alike. All music guide traces controversial nature of rap music to a

1986 run DMC concert, where gang violence occurred. Rap is an expression of black lives and the

struggles that we go through. Many people frowned upon rap for its vulgar language and frankness.

Rap music made people socially conscious of surrounding struggles. Gangs and violence were a huge

roll in struggles and depression. Early rappers intended to shed light on inner city experiences, and

racial struggles. The police were the main contributors to the racial problem. The police…
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