Rap Music Censorship

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In the article, the author mainly illustrated the relationship of the rapid growth of rap music and the development of censorship frame from the 1990s. Rap music, especially gangsta rap, usually connected with deviance such as crime and misogyny. The rap music received public negative perceptions and media discourse. With the rise of the rap music, the content within rap music is a concern in the music industry. The author also discussed the problem which perceptions and opinions of society to rap music are shaped by the mass media reports and claim-makers such as Parents Music Resource Centre (PMRC). Rap music has been demonization as a deviant or informal form of music which gives the audience feeling of disgust and fear. The aim of the article is to give public a better understanding of rap music and its role plays in the music industry. Rap music sometimes represents subculture and political thoughts of the performer so it is important to understand the rap music culture by a neutral sense. The mass media ignores the positive message and meaning in the rap songs and focuses a lot on the deviant as a censorship frame and social control.

The shared culture and the censorship frame have shaped rap music unfavorable to public and received public criticism. Rap music was a civil way to discuss or rap about the social events and political commentary. At that time, these content was excluded from the mainstream music and was significant as filling the social space with
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