Rap Music : Influence On Violent Behavior

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RAP MUSIC’S INFLUENCE ON VIOLENT BEHAVIOR IN AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES: A REVIEW Kaland Farrow Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University RAP MUSIC’S INFLUENCE ON VIOLENT BEHAVIOR IN AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES: A REVIEW Rap music is derived from Hip Hop culture which is deeply rooted in the African American community. The word, rap, has a Middle English origin. Originally, rap means to beat or strike. Beginning in the 1960s, African Americans gave the word another definition. In the black community, rap meant that someone was conversing about everyday life. However, Africans who were captured against their own will would tell stories while playing instruments way before the idea of rap was conceptualized as it is today. The origin of…show more content…
The preceding genres of rap music are all closely related, but Hip Hop originated from Jamaican reggae music. There are other cultures who have adopted hip hop influence such as Latinos and Asians. Although rap music has been widely accepted by different cultures all over the world, their have not been many studies dedicated to researching if rap music increases violent behavior through the lyrical content of the songs. Out of all of the genres of rap music, Gangsta Rap has been noted by past researchers to promote violent self identification which in term promotes violence through lyrical content. Gangsta Rap became popular in the 1990s. In a study conducted by Herd (2009) that included 340 gangsta rap songs, it was found that violent references dramatically increased and those references were viewed as positive and linked to wealth, prowess, and glamour. In reference to Kubrin (2005), he found that “The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture categorizes ‘gangsta rap as the most controversial kind of rap genre, because it received global attention for having violent depictions of urban ghetto life’ in America.” (Abrams 2000:198) This qualitative study takes a look at the relationship between gangsta rap music and violent behavior because there is little research devoted to this area. Cultures [an Behavior, 29(5), A54-A59. Stephens, D. P., & Few, A. L. (2007). Hip hop honey or video ho: African American preadolescents’ understanding of
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