Rap : The Black Community With Vigor And Mass Appeal

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Rap which originated in Africa was used by storytellers known as Griots, to relay stories about family history or current events, set to the rhythm of a drum. This culture was then brought to the west during the 1600’s when Africans were captured and made slaves in America ( (Mize) Instead of storytellers relaying family history, rap evolved to hidden communication between slaves that were undecipherable by their oppressors. These songs were more about the struggle of the life of a slave, and all the pain and heartache that this role entailed (Mize). The 70’s brought about a change in what would soon be rap as we know it today. A phenomenon called “playing the dozens” was sweeping through the black community with vigor and mass appeal.…show more content…
Trap is the second type of musical rap genre. This style is considered to be aggressive due to artist 's portraying a hard and unrelenting attitude towards life and society (Breaking Down the Different Genres of Rap). Suggestive lyrics about indulging in illegal activities that include drug distribution or indulgence, and dishonorable ways of obtaining wealth through pimping and prostitution is usually the nature of Trap rap. Most also include derogatory and deformational lyrics about women, referencing them to female dogs “bitches,” and whores. This type of music also gets radio play but with its offensive wording censored. Trap rap artist include:Wocka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy. 4 An example seen in the lyrics of Wocka Flocka’s “Down Ass Girl” makes reference to selling drugs to support his girlfriend who in-turn supports him in this endeavor: “Yes that is mah down ass chick She ain 't gotta work no mo Rent free bills free school tuition is on me Traphouse runnin so hard you would think that shit is on E Pills I work deals I 'm worth uh mill thanks to mah lady I 'm certified with dem babies Shawty park a highway crazy Wen she touchdown when she get back I 'm a take ha out I 'm a take ha shoppin I 'm a give ha dis I 'm a give ha dat Jaguar Nascar Hotcar yes! Gucci

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