Rape : A Common Form Of Violence Against Women

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Khoi Nguyen
Sociology G100
Nina Chapman

In almost every part of history, women have been fighting for their rights to be recognized, including the ownership of their own bodies. For the past centuries, it was believed that after a marriage of a woman, she would be owned by her husband, by another words, she gave her husband the authority over her, including her entire body. Therefore, raping his wife for any reason was not considered to be wrong thing to do because upon marriage, the wife had given irrevocable consent. In marriage, rape is a serious and a common form of violence against women. Rape can be defined as intercourse or penetration (vaginally, anally, or orally) forced with violence, threat of force or when the wife is unable to give the consent. In fact, rape can be seen to be more prevalent in patriarchal societies with the rapidly increased of sexism from it. Patriarchy is often defined as a system of male dominance. According to Merriam and Webster, patriarchy is defined as a family, group or government controlled by a man or a group of men. In addition, in such societies, men dominate women through the control of female sexuality. Men are kings, they conquer so seize land and treasures, in such, women, will be their property and men have their right to rape women. These could be understood that marital rape is far less violent than acquaintance or stranger rape, as believed are not illegally sexual threatening another person until the 1970s.…
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