Rape: A Crime

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The definition of rape is: The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. Basically, rape is a forceful act in trying any way possible to make someone have sex with them. This crime is still being committed to this day and is not viewed as big of an issue as it truly is. In order to prove rape is a disgusting and unnecessary crime, the following essay will consist of the history, laws, the costs involved, health effects, and the opposing side’s beliefs. The first step ever taken to prevent rape and reveal it as an issue was in the 1970’s. “During the 1970’s, the first rape crisis center was established” (Kilpatrick 1), stated by Dean Kilpatrick in the article “Rape and Sexual Assault.”…show more content…
“Sexual violence survivors experience reduced income in adulthood…” (Poore 1). Nothing could sum it up better. Law enforcement is an obvious factor to this situation so they are included towards the costs of rape. 127 billion dollars a year is paid to law enforcement just in concern with rape. These numbers would be even more drastic if every single rape was reported. Only 41% of rapes are reported each year. Lumps of cash are given to such a pointless act of a man and ruin a woman’s life. No woman’s life is the same after rape and this includes the health effects that are intertwined within the situation. Mental, physical, and emotional health is essential to every human-being’s wellness. The moment a woman is put through sexual harassment it corrupts that wellness to every extent. The mental difficulties a woman will struggle with are depression and anxiety. Numerous thoughts will be haunting her and constantly making her anxious which will force her to always prepare herself and watch her every move in case an incident like she experienced were to happen again. Physical issues present include eating disorders, substance abuse, and most commonly, suicide. It’s statistically proven that a woman who is raped is 4.1 times more likely to commit suicide than someone who wasn’t. Emotional effects are also a huge problem. It creates a lot of fear to be built up and forms Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All kinds of complications tie up once a
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