Rape, And Gender Crimes

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A study of the Complexities in Exploring and mitigating “Rape” and gender crimes in India Introduction The chief contention of this project is that rape as a sexual and gender crime against women is a manifestation of the forces and sociological structures that are much less obvious than any literature on criminal jurisprudence on the subject of ‘rape’ and sexual crimes will suggest. Hence this necessitates a deep study and literature review of all dimensions that explain the institutional structures and forces that explain ‘rape’ in the Indian context and which through theoretical models and deep introspection can generate a well researched and relevant model of feminist activism that can mitigate the dangers of patriarchal power imbalance between the sexes. The objective of this project is to locate gender and sexual crimes in the Indian context and to see how the theoretical constructs of Feminism, help in the understanding and exploration of the true nature of the institutions that implicitly and explicitly sanction such behaviour. The ‘institution’ that will be analysed in this context is the institution of patriarchy, under the larger backdrop of feudalism, which provides it with an ideological platform, on which to exist and function. The following are the chief points that will be further explored and discussed under the backdrop of our interest in exploring ‘rape’ and other gender based discrimination in India. 1. Exploring Rape and its relationship with

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