Rape And Social Development Programs

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Date Rape is the well-known act of persuaded, or potentially forced, unconsented sex with another person. There are numerous explanations for why date rapes, or rapes in general, occur. As laid out in some academic papers, prescribed cultural masculine ideologies may be the explanation for the motive of the act. Merton and Durkeim’s Strain Theory gives some bases in the explanation of this, as pertaining the strain involved in achieving these ideologies (goals). Some initiatives by social programs prevent rape crimes by educating men about the false masculinity portrayed to them and to fight the culture surrounding it. Strain theory, as well as social learning theory, give some explanation to why date rapes are committed and social development programs may be a preventative. Specifically, what is date rape in legal terms and who does it involve?
Criminal/Deviant Behaviour
Rape is traditionally defined as ‘the act of sexual intercourse committed by a man with a woman not his wife and without her consent’ (Anderson, 1997). In Canada, “rape was taken out of the Criminal Code and replaced with “sexual assault”. Sexual assault in Canada does not have a definitive definition rather just assault that is sexual in nature. It is also split into three different levels of charges: Common, weapon/bodily harm, and aggravated (Depending on the severity of bodily harm). The sexual portion is just anything that relates to someone’s sexual orientation. Date Rape as opposed to
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