Rape Culture And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Rape Culture is Internalized in Our Society
Society has normalized rape culture. In our society, victims of sexual assault are blamed for their own assault, while those that assaulted them are often given reassuring words. However, in our society, rapists are often times excused for their actions while actual victims of sexual assault are scrutinized. Rape culture is internalized in our society from a young age through the normalization of sexualizing women, the excusing of rapists and the blaming of the victims, and through the media. Rape culture is real, and it is a part of our society.
Undoubtedly, one of the biggest ways we normalize rape culture is through the sexualization of women. One in five women have been sexually assaulted in one form or another during their life. We live in a society where sexual assault can be put off as “locker room talk”. In reality, it is objectifying women and their rights. These beliefs are institutionalized at a young age. At a young age, women are told things such as: If he hits you, then he likes you, boys will be boys, or that you have to dress a certain way so that you will not be perceived a certain way and be an easy target. At a young age, women are consistently taught to be wary and to be careful so that they do not make themselves a target. While boys are taught that their behavior is acceptable and excusable. In turn, they become what girls are taught to be wary of. Society shoves that kind of rhetoric into young children,
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