Rape Culture And Rape Culture

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Substance abuse also played a part in fraternity rape culture. Often, alcohol was supplied deliberately to women to make them less inhibited or blackout drunk, allowing the men to perform sexual acts with less resistance (Jozkowski). The alcohol interfered with the brain’s functioning, resulted in poor judgement, and caused a woman to be overly flirtatious (“Alcohol’s Effect on the Body”). If a woman acted this way, a fraternity member interpreted this as consent for sex. The alcohol could be used to confuse or incapacitate women making it impossible for her to consent to sexual acts. The fraternity brothers neglected to recognize that legal and ethical sexual behavior requires cognizant consent from all parties involved. Another method to incapacitate women, involved perpetrators secretly slipping date rape drugs into drinks, (“Date Rape Drugs”). Rohypnol, commonly known as roofies, caused judgement loss, unconsciousness, hallucinations, and drowsiness (“Date Rape Drugs”). Although roofies were the most commonly used drugs, they were gradually being replaced by drugs less likely to discolor or cloud beverages (“Date Rape Drugs”). Other drugs commonly used included Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid and Ketamine (“Date Rape Drugs”). Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid comes in a liquid form that is odorless and colorless; therefore, undetectable to the target (“Date Rape Drugs”). In situations with date rape drugs, the victim’s ability to consent or even maintain consciousness was robbed

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