Rape Culture And Violence Against Women Essay

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Society today has formed a fine line between men and women, where any attempt to cross or approach said line is looked down upon. Men shouldn’t cry. Women shouldn’t express anger. There are limiting expectations placed upon both genders that take away from our understanding of ourselves and others. Specific expectations within society are imposed on men to prevent how males form bonds with others, and how they explore interests and passions. Men are grown up limited by the demanding definitions of masculinity, coined by Tony Porter as the “man box” (Porter). I have personally seen and experienced these expectations, and I know that from a young age, males must take back parts of their humanity that are located outside the confines of the box of masculinity; in doing so, we will better understand their personal identities and better fight against the current issues of rape culture and violence against women. It is human to form bonds and friendships, but from a young age, boys and girls disassociate from one another the moment their roles are defined by the world around them. In Kimmel’s book Masculinity as Homophobia, boys learn “the fear of being seen as a sissy dominates the cultural definitions of manhood. It starts so early” (Kimmel). Boys learn that society expects men to be masculine, and expectations begin developing beginning at birth once it becomes known that “it’s a boy!” In my experience in elementary school, I found it quickly becomes apparent that boys and

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