Rape Culture : It Is Believable Or Not

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Maggie Brown Mrs.Gallos English 3 24 April 17 Rape Culture Whether it is believable or not, rape culture exists in our everyday life, our society, our schools, our colleges, in our country, and anywhere on Earth. It is a problem that has always been around, but it just was not given a name. Rape culture is defined as, “A society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.” (“Rape) An example of how this would play out in our society, for those who do not believe that it exists, would be if a male got raped and no one believed him because men can not be raped, or if a young male comes forward and people tell him, “You should be happy you scored while you’re so…show more content…
Another thing that is an example of rape culture is when you tell little kids that when someone is chasing them, picking on them, or being mean to them it is because they like them. Parents teach little boys that when a girl says no, she means yes, and when the girl runs away, society tells them that it means to chase after her. It is the little habits like these that stick with a child for the rest of their lives. Parents teach little girls to cross their legs and ankles so little boys can not see up their skirt. Sure, it does not seem like that big of a deal, but wait until that child grows up with those beliefs. While the child grows up believing the mentioned beliefs, they still go by those. Women are taught not to go out at night, and to always have pepper spray and a buddy with them. Men are taught that no means no and yes means yes. Women are taught that a woman’s place is in the kitchen , having babies, and to please their man. The children grow up with this mindset from watching their parents who were taught the same thing, and then they go off to college. In college, there is a lot of drinking and partying, which is someone 's choice to go to. While it is someone’s choice to go to a party and get drunk, it is not someone’s choice to be raped. When a person is drunk, they can not consent.
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