Rape Culture : Rape Is Acceptable

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    In today’s society, rape is acceptable. Sounds appalling, but it is the truth. There is an entire culture devoted to covering up the knowledge about rape and any type of sexual violence. This has become the norm because rape culture numbs people of the idea of rape in American society. When people bring up rape, it can cause uneasiness, and for those who have been a victim, it can cause a lifetime of suffering. Rape culture exists in many things including tv, media, music, music videos, and the music videos that go with them. To completely know everything there is to know about rape culture, you must know all of the things that influence its existence.    The first reason is objectification. This is the treatment of human beings as commodities. This is the practice of putting extreme value on individuals physical attributes while ignoring everything else about them. Women have now become objects, being depicted as always ready for sex, and always wanting sex. Women have become the representation of sex, and this is what sells. Sadly for women, they have to pay this price and only be seen as a hot commodity.Sut Jhally who has a Ph.D. in communication at University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a media critic, has produced a film called “Dreamworld: How the Media Abuses Women”. In this film it goes over 150 images of women taken right from MTV’s first ten years. Jhally, and many teachers around the world, use this

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