Rape In War

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As time and history have progressed, the institution of media has captured and held control over the public ideology. In this modern capitalistic age, the power held over the media as developed and been re-directed. The media acts as the key distributor and translator of the ideology within our society throughout history and in the present day. However, the context in which we communicate is changing, and with this, the relationship and interaction between politics, media and public life have altered (Blair, T 2007). Changed to an extent where the information being relayed may indeed be harmful to society, in the absence of objective, complete and accurate relaying of information (Blair, T 2007). Though the free society that we operate in does…show more content…
Rape in wartime is as old as war itself and is considered an expected outcome of such violent conflict (Bracewell 2000). The sexual invasion of a woman’s body is the ultimate act in emasculating her husband and eliciting turmoil in the community (Boose 2002, pp. 73) as it undermines the ‘warrior’ and displays his inability to protect his ‘territory’, particularly if performed in front of him. This performance of terrorisation and humiliation was particularly prevalent in the Red Army’s invasion of Germany in World War Two, where the ‘degradation ceremony’ would only occur in the presence of witnesses (Johnson 2002). Not only this but the widespread rape of a nation's women is an attack on the symbolic ideology of a nation (Gottschall J, 2004). A nation’s women embody its core values and are seen a beacons of purity and thus are marked as an enemy target, a territory to be to be conquered (Mostov 1995). Its effects are akin to bombings, gassing and other genocidal acts, which has allowed for the evolution of wartime rape into a key, systematic weapon of war, particularly in regards to its long term consequences. The methodical rape of Tutsi women during the Rwanda Genocide was implemented with the strategic intent to infect victims with HIV (Nduwimana 2004). This genocidal act was deliberately enacted to deliver harm that is worse death, to heighten the suffering and destruction of communities and humiliation of men. Villages were forced to watch some if not all of their women fall prey to the disease, an on-going reminder of the times of war and the nightmarish acts that transpired (Nduwimana 2004). Rape in times of violence is indeed a historical phenomenon based upon the expression of power and dominance. It has occurred persistently in human civilisation, regardless of location,
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