Rape Is Not As Common, But It Happens?

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Male rape is not as common, but it happens. There has been extensive research done on women and the effects of rape, but little research has explored male rape and the consequences/effects of rape that leaves the victim to deal with after the crime is committed (Walker, Archie, & Davies, 2005, p. 69). The article, “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis” (2005) focused on male rape victims and the effects that comes after this experience. Walker, Archer, and Davies (2005) conducted a study to extend the research that was done prior on male rape victims based on a clinical population (Walker, Archie, & Davies, 2005, p. 69). However, walker and co-authors decided to take a different approach and investigate the effects of rape based on a non-clinical sample of men to provide a detailed analysis of the nature and effects of rape victims (males) who had been anally raped as adults, adults being defined as individuals sixteen years or older (Walker, Archie, & Davies, 2005, p. 70). The method of the study was fairly simple. Men were recruited from different sources through the media in the United Kingdom. The advertisements were placed in sources such as the newspaper, magazines directed at men only. A total of 40 participants took part in this study and was asked to complete a questionnaire asking them questions related to the rape relating to the characteristics of the assault, their perceptions of the assault, and whether they disclosed the

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