Essay about Rape Shield Laws

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Rape Shield Laws

Facing with much criticism from women’s group with the legal definitions of rape and how rape cases are being processed in the legal system, the government is forced to pass a Rape Law reform in the 1970s. Rape law reform urging courts to treat rape case the same as other crimes, rape law reforms modified traditional rape laws and ratified evidentiary reforms in every state in the United States. The most common and widespread changes occurred in three areas. First, rape was redefined so that there was no longer a single crime of rape. Second, the victim was no longer required to support her testimony. The third and perhaps most important area of change, known as rape shield
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Rape shield laws also intended to protect victims of sexual assault from being humiliated at trial by the disclosure of intimate details of their past. These laws are also intended to encourage victims of sexual assault to alert law enforcement authorities of the attack, as opposed to keeping it secret. For instance, America has been a country where women are being oppressed for decades, and limited opportunities in society make it harder for women to have a voice in the legal systems. However, after many feminist movements, women have an equal rights and equal protection in the society and especially in the court system. Such rights and protection include voting and the statue of rape shield and etc. For example, In the case of Kobe Bryant, if this incident were happened in the 1920s and 1930, when women were considered being as a property of man, this case most likely would not be reported to authorities and even prosecuted. For many years most rape victims and crimes are not reported and prosecuted because of the victim refusal to reports, parts due to fears of humiliation. Without rape shield laws in place, victims may hesitate to disclose the incident to authorities; for
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