Rape Victims in Moroccan Society

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On a Monday morning, at 10am, in the office of the association, Solidarité Feminine, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed. With a simple phone call and the atmosphere was disturbed violently. After the call, the police had just brought a young mother and her two children to the association. In the picture provided by the authorities, was a young face torn by the blade of a knife and her left cheek was abraded and revealed raw flesh. This is the story of a young teen mother that has not only been the victim, of a horrific crime, rape, but more importantly, she is further victimized by being severely cast out by the society. Many teen girls in Morocco are raped, impregnated, then rejected by their family, society and father of the baby, which…show more content…
It is not logical that the men, who are the initial cause of this problem, get away with it and the women, who were innocent from the start, are getting blamed for wanting the man to rape her. This can be seen as an act of discrimination towards women and it has to stop. It is not because we can prove that these women had sexual relations outside marriage that we can blame her for everything. We have to see the fact that the men also have sexual relations outside marriage and that they are the cause of all this and not the women. If the women deserve the hatred of society for this, then the men that did this to them should get ten times more for being the ones to put them through this. Another big example of a harsh condition that they have to conquer is becoming prostitutes. When all the aforementioned events occur to them, they have no choice but to leave their child and live on the street that leads them to become prostitutes in order to survive financially ("Filles Mère: Le Hachouma Du Maroc"). They do not have enough money to survive on their own; they might not even have any money at all so they have to find a job. It is really hard for them to find a job after what happened to them so the only job they can find is to become prostitutes. Instead putting them in these conditions, we should instead help them with giving them more opportunities to find a better job with a fair amount of money. This can only be done
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