Rape Vs Marital Rape

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Rape was not always viewed as a crime and marital rape was even further from an act of criminality, in fact until the 1970’s rape laws had some exceptions which left victims unprotected. Rape laws have changed drastically over time and marital rape has become just as recognized as rape committed by a stranger. Two cases of marital rape were reviewed for this discussion, discussion will be based upon similarities and differences regarding the treatment of victims in 1977 versus 2007 as well as how the lack of resources available for victims impacted their treatment. Additionally, potential future changes in the criminal justice system regarding rape will be discussed. Cases reviewed were the case of Emily and Joan, Emily was a victim of rape in 1977 and Joan in 2007, both women reported being raped by their husbands.
In the 1977 case Emily reported that her husband had beaten and raped her (Laureate Education, 2012). Emily retreated to her sister’s home as she had nowhere else to go where she felt safe and contacted authorities, police came however; they did not take any detailed notes for their report. Per Emily, the officers were nonchalant about the accounts Emily provided, the police during this time did not believe a husband could actually rape his wife (Laureate Education, 2012). Emily went to the hospital to be treated however; not much occurred at the hospital. Emily received an exam by a physician and was supplied a prescription for pain (Laureate Education, 2012).
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