Rape: You Could Be the One in Six

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Every two minutes someone in the world is being sexually assaulted or raped. In our generation, teenagers, use the words “ you’re raping me” to rough play with one another, the serious concept of rape is then minimized to light teasing; when in reality, rape physically and emotionally scars a person. There are ten different types of rape- sexual assault, child sexual abuse, drug facilitated assault, obsessive/ sadistic rape, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, stranger rape, and partner rape. There are many laws against rape but many rape cases are not reported one of the first Rape Crisis Centers were established in 1974 to help women and men in their communities. However, rape is not given enough importance in this society. This…show more content…
Every two minutes someone is being raped or sexually assaulted most rape cases won't be reported only three out of one hundred rapist will serve time behind bars. However if a crimes is reported ,authorities are still unlikely to arrest or go threw prosecution.only forty percent of rapist get reported, ten percent get arrested , eight percent get prosecuted ,four percent get a felony conviction, three will spend just a single day in prison, and ninety seven percent will walk away free. seventy three percent of rapes are done but someone the victim knows . Fifty percent of the rapes occur within a mile away from the victim's house or even inside the victims house. When going out to parties teens and adults should be aware of the date rape drug. This drug can lead to many situations including rape. This type of rape is called drug facilitated assault because is the usage of drugs and alcohol when a person have the ability to give permission to a sexual activity. drugs and alcohol are used to lower the resistance and memory of the victim. Rohypnol is one the the drugs that they use for a facilitated assault. The drug is not approved for medical and most of the time it is smuggled into the country it has become

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