Rape - a Love Story

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The book (that’s written by Joyce Carol Oates in mid-2000 and republished in 2005) kicks off by introducing the main characters Betty and Teena Mcguire. Teena was a vibrant woman in her early 30’s until a horrible incident struck her that would affect not only her family but the entire community. After being brutally raped by a gang of criminal teenagers who were high on drugs her daughter Betty was left with huge responsibilities, from taking care of her wounded mother to struggling for justice against the people who did her mother wrong. The case is led by a policeman that’s also a former military soldier named John Droomor; he was the man that found Teena lying naked and torn on the floor of the boathouse. The book consists of…show more content…
Teena never fully recovered in the events of the book, she became a different kind of person never to be the same again. Teena’s daughter Betty also changed that night. She became tentative and didn’t want anybody to hurt her mother. She felt lost and confused by the court system and why her mother didn’t want to go to court. She had to adapt so that she could take care of her mother and make her feel a bit better every day. The character that changes the most during the book is Droomor. He feels a connection between him and Teena, and he also has a daughter of his own. When Droomor sees Teena lying in the boathouse he feels that he needs to protect her and get the people responsible. During the book Droomor changes more and more radically until he finally snaps and kills the suspects that raped Teena. He then hides the evidence so that nobody finds out that he was linked. Droomor then becomes a detective at the end. The book was interesting to me in a way because of the mature language and the gruesome way to describe the incidents and took place in the book, which was a first for me. Although the book became a bit tedious at times the story telling was still appealing enough to keep me reading and wanting to find out what happens. I am not a big reader myself so just being able to get me to keep reading was an impressive feat of its
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