Rape and Men

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"Before the rape I felt good. My life was in order. I was getting ready to get married. Afterward everything changed. I kind of lost who I was as a person… I asked him ‘Didn't you have a wife or a girlfriend you could do this with?' He said ‘I like this better. I like it better this way.' " -Victim Testimony, Trial Transcript, People V. Eric Barnes, Kew Garden, New York, July 6, 1984. Rape is a physical attack, not sex. Rape crisis counselors and researchers define rape as an act of violence in which sex is used as a weapon (Benedict 2). A woman is raped in this country every two minutes. Between 1996 &1999 7,787,00 rapes were reported. The actual number is much, much higher because only 26% of rapes are reported.…show more content…
Victims may try to cope with the attack and the posttraumatic stress disorder with drugs and alcohol (Figley 6). Rape can be preventable and here are a few steps and precautions that are taught to women. Carry your keys in your dominant hand, be able to use them as a weapon and be able to unlock your car door with either hand. Use deadbolts, window locks, and peep holes. When on the street, walk in a group and try to vary the way you walk to your car or house (Figley 6). In short, a woman needs to be aware and stay away from any situation that makes her uncomfortable. In one study examining the incidence of the three patterns of rape, it was found that power rapes are the most common. Power rapes constituted for 55%, anger rapes accounted for 40%, and about 5% were sadistic rapes (Hazelwood 1). Rapists who assault women lead double lives. On the outside they may appear no different from other men. They are members of every race, religion, profession, and socioeconomic group; they are of varying ages and are often members of churches. Many of them impress others as dedicated family men who are good providers (Groth 7). They are not insane nor are they "sowing some wild oats." They are men who have serious psychological or personality disorders, which they discharge trough sexual violence. The consequences of this behavior have no meaning to the rapist at the time of the assault. Therefore, he is not bothered by such logical
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