Raphael's The School Of Athens Essay

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Raphael’s the school of Athens; cultural reflection on settings

Abstract: This paper is an attempt to understand the setting of Raphael’s the school of Athens, specifically with the inclusion of highly well-known philosophers. Being painted at the end of renaissance period, it was viewed as an unprecedented effort, especially when Raphael included himself in the painting. More importantly, with regard to the four branches of knowledge at that time which were: philosophy, poetry, theology, and law, some pioneering figures were included like the notable philosophers: Plato and Aristotle. The main element of the four branches presented in the fresco is philosophy. Does placing emphasis on philosophers as the elite represent the height of state-building?
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First, almost all the present figures are philosophers, the elite, in other words. Moreover, remarkable figures like Plato and Aristotle were placed exactly in the center of the fresco, matching the vanishing point and giving a sense of gravity to their importance more than the rest. Second, women are not, if any, included in this state gathering, a masculine notion that would last for centuries. Women’s absence does not merely happen in state policy making, but also happens in things related to knowledge and art. It should be…show more content…
The setting in this fresco where philosophers gather and communicate can give us some cultural reflection. Such a reflection which functions like lens through which we grasp some glimpses of Raphael’s thought, we can have a valid analysis. An obstacle, as it turns out, is that many aspects in the fresco and visual messages, due to ambiguity, remained completely unanswered. This is especially true when it comes to unknown figures and why some philosophers look distracted whereas others immersed in their dialogue with their
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