Rapid Rewards at Southwest Airlines

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1. In my opinion, Southwest should not save low-numbered boarding cards for its most frequent fliers. First of all, that would go against the idea of having simplicity in its operations systems. If Southwest reserved their low number boarding cards for its most frequent fliers, the airline would run into complications with customer seating preferences or disagreements. This would cause the established simple system of Southwest to be ineffective if certain exceptions would be made for frequent fliers. Not only does Southwest stand for simplicity but also egalitarianism. It would be contradictory for Southwest Airlines to stand for equality while at the same time offering preferential treatment to its most frequent fliers. In order to…show more content…
A “first come first serve” basis seating system gives the airline a competitive advantage regarding the efficiency of pre-boarding and boarding procedures. This way complications arising in seating are eliminated which allows for quicker departure time. Low-employee turnover has given Southwest the competitive advantage of allowing employees to build a relationship with passengers who fly frequently and saving costs of training programs. In addition, low-employee turnover has given Southwest the competitive advantage of securing a sense of trust with their employees, which increases work productivity by their employees wanting to work harder to the best of their ability and focusing on the shared sense of commitment Southwest enforces in its policy. This allows employees to enhance the overall operation by being able to share responsibilities and functions among one another, giving Southwest the competitive advantage of their employees being multi-functional, which lowers the cost which arises from having to employ people to undertake specific operations. The rapid rewards program gives Southwest the competitive advantage of giving their customers a fueled incentive to continue to fly with Southwest to receive free tickets and flights, which allows
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