Rapper Olutosin Oduwole, An African Americans Young College Students Essay

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“Glock to the head of / send $2 to a paypal account / if this account doesn’t reach $50,000 in the next 7 days then a murderous rampage similar to the Virginia Tech shooting will occur at another highly populated university” and “let them booty cheeks hop, so pop it mommy pop it” are lyrics you might hear in a trending hip-hop song (“The Threatening nature of … Rap music?” 00:01:00 — 00:03:00). However, these rap lyrics along with terms of a rap contract, class notes, and letters were part of a notebook that police had found in a car when they searched it. Even though the lyrics are not appropriate and unpleasant to some people, this was simply an artistic form of expression. Aspiring rapper Olutosin Oduwole, an African Americans young college student, was taken to jury and was proven guilty for acts of terrorism, despite the fact that Oduwole told Jim Suhr from AP that “It was pieces of a rap song that was discarded — just something written, forgotten about, crumpled up and thrown away" (Jim Suhr, “III. SupCo takes pass, ends student threat case, AP) . This brings us to the question: is it fair to prosecute someone because of degrading rap lyrics? The story of Oduwole told by Professor of Criminology at UC Irvine Charis Kubrin in TED talk The Threatening nature of … Rap music? is a great example of how rap music and systemic racism are connected when interpreting them in the court and Oduwole’s story is one of many prejudicial trials that occurs to this day. Not only

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