Raps Extremely Powerful Influence Essay

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Raps Extremely Powerful Influence
Rap music has been a part of this world since the 1960’s, and it has gone through hundreds of different stages in its time. However, the number one thing that people think of when they hear rap music is crime, violence, alcohol, drugs and other negative influences. Despite these common beliefes on what rap music is about, it can be an extremely positive influence. Educating the youth and community about the bad things happening around us and how they’re affecting people. It can also be used to give people ideas on how they can help better these negative happenings. Generally rap music, whether you believe it is negative or positive, can be agreed that it is one thing by all people, and that is,
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Rap music is easily accessible by the means of television, newspapers and other media these days, and because of the high percentage of negative rap music, it shows how influenced people are by this.
Another major issue with the influence in rap isn’t the rap music itself, but the lyrics associated with the music. For example, "Time Warner should stop its sponsorship and promotion of lyrics that celebrate rape, torture and murder....Our appeal is to a sense of corporate responsibility and simple decency." This shows that, lyrics in these mass produced albums and records of rap music are the main purpose for this bad influence on people who listen to rap music. This also shows that, the themes commonly used in rap music are vulgar and unappealing but people could and have been seen to be extremely influenced by them. In addition, “Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R, Kan.) condemned gangsta rap artists for producing "music extolling the pleasures of raping, torturing and mutilating women" and "songs about killing policemen and rejecting law." This shows that, people are largely against rap culture and what it has become. This also shows that companies nowadays are publishing and releasing this music to the public, even though they are fully aware of the behavior it promotes. This is especially affective in influencing young teens who look up to these rap

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