Rapunzel: A Fictional Narrative

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It appeared to the young blonde girl named Rapunzel that the House of Mouse was even more packed than the night before. It was extremely hard for the short, petite girl to make her way through the crowd of people who flocked to the center of the club. What on earth could be causing so many people to want to crowd around the club. She squeezed herself past a few people, dodged a few people who almost danced all over her, all while saying. “Excuse me.” She knew the likelihood that they could actually hear her was slim to none, but still she spoke the words. She was just that type of person, she was never rude to anyone and went out of her way to say apologize, even when she wasn’t at fault.

She took in a deep breath the moment she made her way through the crowed over to the bar. She closed her eyes and took in a few deep breaths, the club was filled with so much excitement. It was all too much for the already excited young woman, exhaling her breath slowly, she tried her best to calm her quickened heartbeat.

She failed though, the music, the people just excited her more. She bounced up and down in place, the excitement was starting to grow more and more. Her blonde hair that almost seemed to glow bounced right along with her, as she bobbed her head around. Her brown eyes stared
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Spending your whole 18 years of life locked away would do that to a person. She believed everything everyone told her, especially Flynn. However that didn’t mean she was stupid, she might not have been street smart but she was book smart. She tilted her head off towards the side as she looked at the male behind the bar, She placed her hand firmly against the counter top. “I would like a club soda please.” She had never once taken a sip of alcohol. Within a matter of seconds she had it in her hands, sipping it lightly. “Thank you!” She shouted over the music, the man nodded his
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