Rapunzel By Christine Hepper

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The two pieces I would be talking about are “Rapunzel” and “Tiempo”. While writing “ Rapunzel” I was inspired by a different poem, Rapunzel by Christine Hepper .Christine Hepper writes about fairy tales and teenage girl side by side. I thought that by doing something similar to that would make a great poem. So I tried to explore Rapunzel and why she had to be saved by a prince and why she could save herself. During the revision process, you wrote that I should explore what would happen if Rapunzel was a person of color instead of white and if she cut her hair off. It was hard to find something to write about with that. However I tried to write about how important hair is to people of color and what would happen if it was all cut off. Also the…show more content…
I had ideas on what important about hair for a person of color. However it was harder to show that she is of color. I didn't want to tell, I wanted to show but I wasn't sure how to do that. I felt like in the end I just said characteristics of her to say that she was of color. something that I found meaningful was the part where I went more in depth on cutting her hair. I talked about if she how cutting her hair would she lose her sense of identity and will her story be forgotten. I felt that it was meaningful because it shows how important hair is not just for the story but for people. Also it shows how hair is a big part in her life and if you make it general in a lot of lives. If it was to be cut off she would lose a part of her identity. What I am most proud of in this piece is how I incorporated a fairy tale in a poem that could have just been about a girl and her hair. I feel pairing it up with a fairy tale plays a big role because growing up these are the fairy tales you hear and they could play a big role in people's…show more content…
The idea that happiness comes from success. This line “That to be successful you have to/Get a job/Get married and have a happy family” These are things that are told while growing up to a latino. Which I felt told more of how it is to be a latino while growing up. Also I changed the title to be “Tiempo” instead of Time, which I felt would have been more powerful. Making it Tiempo would show more of a latino aspect to the title, since a lot of latinos speak spanish. What I am most proud of in this piece is that it is a spoken word, so while reading it you can see how powerful it becomes as it goes on. The tension builds up while I read it, so from that you understand what I feel and how important it is.
I feel like from the last portfolio to this one I am writing more about identity and about issues that people face growing up. In “Rapunzel” I talked about identity through a story and hair, in “He said” I talked about how a girl with her boyfriend who she loved a lot cheated on her, and in “Tiempo” I talked about growing up Latina and time. I feel like the more risk I take and the more I open up, the better I write. I feel like while writing I am putting more feeling into it, so it comes out more
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