Raspberry Ketone

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Part I Essay For ages we all have craved the body of an Adonis/ Aphrodite`s, some say that this are just genes passed on, some say that you can only get it with intense training at least 4 times a week. But the 21 century, the century of speed, no one has time to lose countless hours in the gym so we started looking for some help. We tried different chemicals but in the end we realized that the answer was still in Mother Nature. And so Raspberry Ketone was discovered. A raspberry ketone is generally described as the aromatic element of a raspberry that one first recognizes when in close proximity of a raspberry. While this ketone clearly affects the scent associated with a raspberry, this is not the only thing that can be…show more content…
In 1965, the US Food and Drug Administration placed raspberry ketone on generally recognized as safe status for the small quantities used as a food additive, but they still don`t know the full side effects for prolonged exposure. Facts still are inclined to the fact that the Ketones do more good than bad, until otherwise proven, as such the market for this product is simply hot and their products are flying off the shelves. With over 20 companies now producing different strains and blends of the compound, it is one of the best sold products on the market today (2.4 .bil a year). It is widely sold on over ~300 websites and it is present on every sales market such as eBay, Amazon etc, TV coverage is still not short. Dr. Oz featured Raspberry Ketones in his February, 2012 episode entitled "The #1 Miracle in a Bottle to Burn Your Fat" and invited weight loss expert Lisa Lynn on the popular show to discuss how her clients lost weight successfully while taking Raspberry Ketones. Dr. Oz called Raspberry Ketones "worth experimenting with" while stressing that this is not a magic remedy; dieters still need to eat healthy foods and be active. Raspberry Ketones could, the Doctor said, "help get you over the hump," so people should "use it for that purpose, not as a miracle pill." His guests show pictures before and after, and then Dr. Oz held a speech explaining how this works.
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