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I cracked my eyes open and my eyes widened at the darkness that enclosed me. The dark hallowed walls of the dungeon was lined with rottening corpses, their strong sickening stench made me gag. The chains that held me were old and rusted, clearly showing their ancient age, but they still held me up against my will. I heard the grating of teeth on the blood stained bones. A small rat crawled out of the shadows , his soul piercing eyes stared at me curiously. He crept forward slowly out of the sshadows. It was obvious that he had probably not seen a live human and his fur was sleek and clean stating that he was very young , but he was thin and hungry. I wriggled one of my hands out of the chain and reached into my pocket to where a piece of stale bread…show more content…
He didn't move , he just glanced up at me and stood on his back pax as if asking , can I have another piece, please? "That was the last piece, I have no more." I spoke quietly to the young male rat in front of me. His ears twitched at the sound of more tiny paws padding this way, or running rather, chattering their teeth as they did. They flooded down the sides of the dungeon in utter conquest for food. The young rat stood up and grinded his teeth together at the swarming mass that was headed towards us, as I warning I think for them to stay away. I got to looking at the rat who stood guard of me and noticed that he looked different than the other rats, he was jet black and had a white belly compared to the ruddy, wiry brown coats of the wild rats, this told me all on its on that he was a domestic rat. My heart pounded as more wild rats flooded in and I struggled in horror as they edged closer. The shackle broke free and I was ready to run, run away from everything , but something stopped me when the rat jumped on another rat and ended its misery , but several more rats piled on to him. I shoved the other rats away from him, despite the gnawing of their teeth on my skin. I trekked forward
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