Rat Dissection

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Rat Dissection Prelab 1. Is your left like your right side? It should be similar to your right but there can be differences like if damage was done to one side or if one side was mutated and disfigured. 2. Name an animal that doesn’t have a left and right side. Snakes don’t have a left and right side but there is an interesting study about that which is that Adult snakes (16 of 20 snakes) preferred to coil in the clockwise direction. Many female snakes (15 of 20 snakes), but few male snakes (only 4 of 10 snakes), also tended to coil in a clockwise pattern. This suggests that the location of internal organs such as the lungs, kidney and stomach may affect coiling direction. For example, in some snakes, the right lung is pushed…show more content…
Local regulations may be more stringent than regional or national regulations. Use a licensed chemical waste disposal firm for proper disposal. Ethylene Glycol Section 2: Hazards Identification Clear viscous liquid; odorless. WARNING! Combustible liquid and moderately toxic by ingestion and inhalation. Target organs: Central nervous system, kidneys, liver. This material is considered hazardous by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Section 13: Disposal Considerations Check with all applicable local, regional, and national laws and regulations. Local regulations may be more stringent than regional or national regulations. Small amounts of this material may be suitable for sanitary sewer or trash disposal. Organ | System | Location | Function | Description | esophagus | Digestion | Throat | Carry food | Long cylindrical | diaphragm | Respiratory | chest | Brings and expels air | large | heart | circulatory | chest | Pump blood to your body | Large muscular | aorta | circulatory | Chest to abdomen | Carries blood away from the heart | Long clyndrical | lungs | Respiratory | chest | Inhales air exhales carbon dioxide | Spongy | trachea | respiratory | chest | Breathing | Long clyndrical | bronchi | respiratory | chest | Conducts air into lungs | Grape shaped |
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