Rat Overpopulation Research Paper

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In many parts of the world, rats have invaded in and out of people’s homes. Rat infestation has been a problem for generation after generation. Rat overpopulation is a result of various causes and they can cause a multitude of problems for humans. When searching for a solution to the overpopulation of rats, one must first consider the origins of the problem, the dangers it is causing, and how to eradicate them.

To begin, one major subject you should evaluate is the origin of the problem, how the rodent infestation started. Natural disasters, lack and excess amounts of food, and inclement weather are all reasons the rats have invaded cities everywhere. In source #1, it states, “Recent cold weather and flooding is believed to have led the disease-carrying rodents to shelter indoors.” This explains how the weather conditions have brought the rats seeking indoor shelters, which means they’ve been running straight into people’s homes. Also, it states in source #3, “And with the regrowth of vegetation, the rats and mice have had an ample food source and are reproducing quickly.” This exemplifies how the rodents have had easy food sources from the vegetation growing back, which then results in them repopulating at an increased rate. All in all, the weather conditions and vegetations have brought the rats out into the cities.
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For instance, the text states in source #3, “Rats and mice eat and contaminate human, pet and livestock foods.” This shows how the rodents would adulterate food for not just people, but also animals. Another example in source #3 expresses how the creatures would also chew wires, pipes, hoses, and ruin several other things in individuals’ homes. Overall, the rat’s actions have ruined people’s properties and could result in humans and animals to be infected by the illnesses that the rodents
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