Rate Of Car Collision

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As drivers age, their risk of being involved in a car collision decreases. The present study investigated if this trend is due, in part, to some risky drivers having a collision early in their driving lives and subsequently reducing their risky driving after that negative experience. Accelerometers and video cameras were installed in the vehicles of 16- to 17-year-old drivers (N= 254), allowing coders to measure the number of g-force events (i.e., events in which a threshold acceleration level was exceeded) per 1,000 miles and the number of collisions. Among the 41 participants who experienced a severe collision, the rate of g-force events dropped significantly in the 1st month after the collision, remained unchanged for the 2nd month,
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By adjusting covariate values, the researchers could estimate the exact rates at a time. In find the information of the study, the rate of the g-force event has 69.5% higher than the (95% confidence interval, CI= [13.7%, 152.6%]) for participant involved in accidents, than participants who were not involved in accidents. The g-force proceedings return to normal significantly in the 3rd month following the accident. The results generally reinforced the primary hypothesis that risky driving lowered following an accident. Both groups of the participants involved in accidents and those who were non-collision participants displayed lowers after g-force in month 3. Maybe this was a product of the young drivers reached a level of maturity and loss of interest for dangerous driving. The study did not give any ideas to were there should be more information provided in educational classes for drivers. The researchers had to rely on subjective data, for instance they used self-reported risk behaviors. The validity of the self-reported behavior has called for serious questions. In the considerations for the collision several factors need to come into play, in which would be conditions such…show more content…
Groups aging from sixteen to seventeen (adolescence) tend to adventure in the area of alcohol and drugs. Which in fact can impair judgement and decrease reflexes of motor skills. Consideration in the decreasing of risk for accidents may increase substance abuse which could result in a severe accident. Adolescences is a phase where a individual goes through confusion and discovery of one’s self. Many challenges come about that could change peer pressure to be cause teens to show impression to want to drive fast. Ways to find the true rate of the collisions in future on could create more categorical sub groups and increase the sample
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