Rate and Sequence of Development Essay

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Babies are born at 40 weeks. If a baby is born before the due date, they will be classed as premature. Premature babies generally take longer to meet the early development milestones, Newborn babies spend more time sleeping than being awake. It is very important to a newborn baby to spend quality time bonding with their primary carer. Babies develop fast during the first four weeks; feeding and sleeping patterns can start to form and will start to communicate through smiling and crying. As from 3 months old, babies are much more alert, and generally settled into a day and night routine and cry less often. Being more settled and interacting with people around them, and can recognise their primary carer. From 6 months babies can express…show more content…
The baby will lay with head to one side | | |(in supine position) and legs pulled up toward the abdomen (in prone position), head falls| | |forward (head lag) and the back curves. As the baby gets older they are aware of faces, | | |more so when fed and talked to. | |3 - 6 months | The baby’s head in central position (in supine), the head and chest can be lifted from | | |the floor and can supported themselves with their forearms (in prone). The back is | | |straighter and slight head lag remains. The baby will have found their arms and can be | | |waved and brought together; legs can be kicked separately and together. The baby is alert | | |and will move their head to watch others. The baby has found their fingers and can engage | | |in hand and finger play and briefly are able to hold objects before dropping. | |6 - 12 months | During this age, babies develop fast
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