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Crossing the Chasm What’s New? What’s Not? Strategic Management of Emerging Technology Hult School of International Business May 23, 2014 Disruptive Innovation Sources of Wealth Creation in the Current Decade • Eating other people’s lunch • Software eats hardware • Op ex eats cap ex • Services eat products • Leveraging next-generation technology • • • • Social Mobile Analytics Cloud 2 Marketing Disruptive Innovation • High Risk What Makes High-Tech Marketing Different? • Unproven products and promises • Incompatible and incomplete infrastructure • Social resistance to change • Low Data • No product history • No company track record • No best practices 3 Category Maturity Life Cycle…show more content…
category Technology-based leadership Another visionary in a different industry This playbook is about creating budget Crossing the Chasm Target Customer Compelling Reason to Buy Whole Product Partners and Allies Distribution Pricing Competition Positioning Next Target Customer Pragmatist function manager Fix a problem business process Application focus, standardized Recruited for specific whole product Direct sales transitioning to VARs Value-based, pain motivated Market vs. market Niche market leadership Adjacent niche market

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