Ratio Analysis Memo (Riordan Manufacturing) Essay example

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LTD Ratio Analysis Memo
ACC 291

Monday, March 4th, 2013
To: CEO, Riordan Manufacturing Inc.
From: Financial Analyst LTD

Listed below you will find a quick analysis of the company using productivity, Liquidity and solvency ratios. This analysis is accompanied by vertical and horizontal analysis. These analysis gives anyone inquiring a good picture of the company’s overall performance. This analysis is also a good way to determine the company’s financial standings for the said years.

According to the analysis in the year 2004, Riordan’s current ratio was 2.429 and in 2005 the current ratio improved to 2.087. The decrease in this ratio gives anyone inquiring a clear picture of how financially stable the company
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Condensed Income Statement For the fiscal years ending September 30th

Increase (Decrease)
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