Ratio Analysis : The Field Of Management And Interpretation Of Financial Reports

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Ratio Analysis What chapter or chapters will I use for my theory? In undertaking this research paper, which will be focusing on the concept of ratio analysis chapter 2 of the book will be used. The chapter focuses on issues to do with financial statement analysis as well as ratio analysis. Hence, the chapter will provide critical information about various concepts associated with ratio analysis, such as profitability ratio, liquidity ratios and other types of ratios. What objectives from course will I be addressing? The main focus of the research will be to explain the concept of ratio analysis and its importance in the field of accounting and management. The research will focus on determining the importance of the various types of ratios, when it comes to the decision making process within a firm. The research will also provide information about how various types of ratios are calculated and interpreted during the financial statement analysis. Therefore, the research will be explaining the role of ratio analysis in the field of management and interpretation of financial reports. What is the research benefit from writing this paper? By writing this research better I will manage to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of ratio analysis and the way they are beneficial to the organization’s stakeholders, such as investors, employees and management. The study will help me gain deeper understanding of the way in which to interpret

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