Ratio Analysis on Jamuna Bank Ltd

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|Eti Laila Kazi |
|Assistant Professor, |
|Dept. of Business Administration |

| NAME | ID |Organization ID |
|S M Manirul Islam
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Preparing this assignment, we received cordial and sincere from many concerns.

First of all wish to thank the immeasurable grace and profound kindness of the Almighty Allah, the supreme authority of the universe. From first inception until the final completion of the assignment, the success of this study rests not on us alone but on the contribution of many persons who have inspired, influence, and guided our work.

We express our deep sense gratitude and sincere appreciation to our course teacher Eti Laila Kazi, you guide us prepare such an assignment.

During our assignment preparing period we worked in different insurances like organizational vision and mission, management, AIS,. We want to give special thanks to every person of those departments for their required support, encouragement, guidelines as well as generous comments and suggestion despite their very busy schedule.

Our thanks also go to our friends for their support. We are also quietly and heartily indebted to our presents that always inspire, encourage and support us to pursue such study.

Finally, we want to extend our deep gratitude to our course teacher Eti Laila Kazi for her guidance and special
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